Learn How to Line Dance

guitar and blue cowboy boots next to bumper of car
Multiple cowboy boots dancing on pavement, 5% off limited time only, June 11-13,2021, Line Dancing Weekend, Horseback Riding, 3 all you can eat meals per day, indoor outdoor pools with waterslides, nightly entertainment and nonstop activities. grab your dancing boots and join us for a good time. visit pineridgeduderanch.com or call 845-626-7345

Line Dancing Weekend

Pull up your favorite cowboy boots and join us for a rootin’ tootin’ weekend.  This special weekend is open to all levels of line dancing experience.  A professional instructor walks you through the steps and gets you ready for showtime.  Plus all your favorite Ranch activities including horseback riding, outdoor pools with waterslides and non stop activities. Call now for this one weekend special coming June 11 – 13, 2021. For a limited time, get 5% off your stay. 

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