horseback riding programs

Enjoy beautiful trails and horseback riding. Choose from relaxing walk only rides, walk & trot rides, and exhilarating advanced level walk, trot, & canter rides.  Each ride is approximately 45 minutes from mounting to dismounting. For your safety, each trail ride is accompanied by several experienced wranglers. Our herd consists of a mix of different breeds such as: Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints, Percherons, Clydesdales, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers, Draft Crosses, and Belgian Drafts. 

All-Inclusive package features one FREE RIDE per person per stay.

Specialty Experiences

Barn Buddies (1-hour)

Kids & adults enjoy up-close, hands-on horse grooming, saddling, feedings and tidying up.

African American man in straw cowboy hat and sunglasses petting a horse's nose.
Horse-Owner For A Day

Great for kids & adults thinking of getting their own horse and see what it takes.

Sunset Ride (2-hour)

Enjoy a quiet, exclusive trail ride away from it all, at one of the most beautiful times of the day. (Seasonal May-September)

Young Rider Lesson (30 minutes)

A custom lesson designed for kids to improve their horsemanship and riding skills. Up to 2 riders, ages 7-12

Private Arena Lesson

Work one on one with an instructor in the arena to improve your riding skills.

Riders on horses riding through tall grass.
Private Trail Lesson (45-mins)

A wrangler will show you the trails, at your own pace.

Jr Wrangler Lesson (15-20 mins)

Kids 5-8, one-on-one instruction to learn basics of riding.

Deluxe Lesson (90 mins)

Riders start in the arena then ride on the trail.  A custom lesson based on the riders experience and goals.

Kids' favorites & Fun extras

Feed the Herd

Get up close and personal with the herd by feeding them carrots in the pasture.

Horse Lover’s Extras

Education Sessions, Stable Tours, Horseshoeing Demos + More

Bathe The Herd

Help our wranglers keep our horses clean & cool on warm days.

  • A safety check is required before any ride that is faster than slow pace. Minimum age is 9 years old and at the discretion of the Stables Manager. 
  • No open toe shoes allowed. Long pants are recommended.
  • Trail Ride times are scheduled by the Stables Manager.
  • A safety check is required before each ride faster than a walk where riders demonstrate safe riding at a trot or canter.
  • All tickets expire after 1-year from purchase date
  • Rider Weight Limit: 250 lbs.
  • Qualified individuals have one trail ride included in their package.  Riders age 9 years old and over receive one trail ride per stay.  Kids age 8 & under receive one pony ride per stay.
  • For any additional information regarding the horse program, please contact our Stables Manager.
  • Programs and rides are subject to availability and weather conditions. In extreme heat or cold, all rides will be walk-only.
  • To ensure the safety of our horses and guests, the Stables Manager can reschedule or cancel rides. We do not ride in a thunderstorm or high winds.
  • Free pony rides not included with specialty pricing.  Speak with a reservationist for more.

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